Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visual Art Santa Barbara, California By Artist/Writer: Farrell Hamann

Above: @farrellhamann by Old Ivory from her new CD: "Click My @"

This is a bit of a visual art tutorial
Farrell Hamann Fine Art
Ich mag wie ein Zombie aussehen, aber ich bin ein Schatz lieben Kerl
We are like ants only bigger

There are two ants in this cartoonized image, they are quite small ants.
Ants keep plugging away at their projects, they don't give up.  They are a good role model.

I feel warm and fuzzy about ants (in spite of the fact that I have murdered thousands of them.)  Now the Earth Baby is something else entirely, those guys scare the jeebies out of me and give me the creeps.  They are also called Potato bugs and the Old Man of the Earth.  There is a Potato Bug Lovers Group on Facebook, a fan page, I believe.

Wife with eyes blue like the Ellensburg agate's pimped out, hotrod, customized, shopping cart.  For hauling home junk picked out of dumpsters (for your art projects)  This cart is lined with hardware cloth to keep stuff from falling out.  Nothing like this on Park Avenue, In Montecito, or Grosse Pointe.  Too cool for Palm Beach or Atherton.  Might work in East Saint Louis, or Gary, Indiana. 

I started doing art about a year before this pic was taken. (Tractor, daughter, Jeep DJ5-A, cactus. Taken in Santa Barbara, California early 80's. The tractor has a brush chipper mounted on the back (which runs off a power take off on the tractor) and a loader on the front.  It is a 4 wheel drive diesel.  I loved my tractor.

Aluminum tandem axle flatbed trailer with aluminum deck, stainless steel fenders and ramps.  My pride and joy.  Used for hauling tractor, brush, etc.  Aircraft aluminum, very strong and light.  You want one like this, let me know.  I had mine custom made. 

My youtube channel: farrellhamann Art, comedy, cute pets, my net TV Series

"Meet me at the bus stop, down on the corner by the 5 and dime"  A cool song
When you need to get moving, an old bus is the way to go... gives you time to think.

This bus is a 1956 GM 
Great way to get going on your art career, ride a bus! 

A flowering tomato growing on an old wooden rocker is artsy.  In my case, I had another old wooden rocker right next to this one.  One for people, one for the tomato.  I live in Sacratomato, California.  That's how we do things around here.  Here, tomato, have a rocker.
Animation represents the tomato bugs my daughter raised from cocoons.  Actually a huge moth!!

OK, going to use a real photographic image, proving that I'm flexible and not dogmatic.  Shown is my huge, lighted sphere.  Approximately 32 inches in diameter.  Lit up with a bright quartz halogen lamp.  Love this thing.  Drilled out a load of holes.  Think Farrell Hamann Fine Art.
Hand cast, drilled plaster. This would look great in a night club.  See undrilled bigger sphere in background?  The above is the light wt. version.  Businesses could use this big guy to attract customers.  It would be a great attractant.  Contact me, ask.... 

Fall color in Northern California (cartoonized)
Natural colors nicer.  There is a lesson right here. COLOR RULES (including shadow and texture.
Close up image  

site of the noble Montecito Cheese Rat. (A wealthy enclave next to Santa Barbara) Cheese rats are the pet of the superwealthy. They love Pinconning cheese the best. 

No, the cheese rat does not have a double tail, that's a shadow.  2 tails would be cool however.

Of course this is all free.... free tuition at this art school!  How many college credits you want?  A billion, haha.  

Little known fact, once I worked for UCSB (University of California at Santa Barbara) Hint... I hung around in Quantum Physics.  I also lived in Isla Vista as well as Santa Barbara.

If your computer or software helps you see things differently, that can only be good for the artist and visual art.  Picking out is one element as is hiding or concealing effects.  Wash out the shadows, over saturate the color, whatever.... 

The artist, the Montecito Cheese Rat, and the Bitey the Cat Areospace Corporation are working hard to bring you the latest in modern art tutorials.  Make sure to include this on your Curriculum Vita (remember, you get 1 billion credit hours honored at the best universities worldwide) 

Do you putter about?  Puttering is one route to the highest grade of fine art obtainable.  Puttering will get you there quicker than a MFA or even a PhD in visual art.  I puttered this site together.  Putter enough, you get things done.  Art is about getting things done and moving on to the next thing.  You get you accreditation right here, people, got that.  Here. from Old Butthairs himself.

Now, my mind drifts off to dark chocolate.  Yum!!

Vincent Black Shadow 
Guy I knew in Detroit, Michigan said that he could have a girlfriend or a motorcycle, not both.  Don't quite get the psychology of that, I had both and here I am.  I accept that ether one can get you killed.  Was that it or is there more?  The Vincent Black Shadow is just incredible, art meets engineering, meets drive.  A story worth reading (or viewing if you can find a video)  My motto has to be something like: "But yet I live!!!!?  Don't ask....

Yes, I have had people laugh in my face about my art.  A dad and his small son looked over my famous mosaic eggs at a show.  I suppose because mosaic eggs aren't all that macho, I was funny to the dad and dad "entertained" his boy with some evil form of wisecrackery.  I made sure to catch the attention of dad and give him the look suggesting he wouldn't like me ripping him apart in front of his child.... fuk the art show.  I could tell that he, mistakenly, assumed that I was not willing to "disturb the flow" at the show.  No, sucker, artists can be combative, your mouth can be your enemy.

Have I darkened my page with bile?  Time to move along.  Life is good!  Ride a Vincent Black Shadow!  Little putt putts also have their own charm.  I now ride a HCF Pacelite 707 electric scooter and a 240 HP Jaguar.  (Pronounced: Jag U R, not Jag Wire)  I just love how pretentious this all sounds.  Is a long story.  I'm almost of the school that says that all Jaguars should be British Racing Green and have a racing stripe.

Uh, what are you currently waiting for, you artists?  (assuming a lot here)  If your juices not flowing, try pounding a garbage can, the metal kind.  Keep it up loud and long enough and the universe surely will step in to see what's doing and decide, then and there, your immediate  fate.  If it was New York City, a few years back, someone would lean out a window and yell: "SO STOP ALREADY!!!" with a few choice statements tossed in to motivate you.   You feel the energy in that?  Haha.

To pour ice water on your privates, haha.

 UCB (UC-Berkeley Webcasts. Really cool, cost you nothing. Self-improvement, learn. Feed your brain.

Woo, 2 free Box Seats at Arco Arena to watch the Sacramento Kings Basketball team.  All kinds of perks, meet and greet a real King player, cool T-shirt, snacks, great view.  Getting all this because: I am sort of big cheese in social media (not really)  hahahahahahaha, funny.  I did meet former King's player, Chris Webber and Mike Bibby eyeballed my daughter (everyone does).  Is this cool or what? 
J'ai peut ressembler à un zombie mais je suis un gars amour chérie 
J'ai vécu à Paris France pour sept mois. J'aime la FranceAku mungkin kelihatan seperti Zombie tapi saya kekasih
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World Class collection du Musée à la recherche de bonne maison.


Saudi Prince (had some thing here but removed it)

Normal human butt: (.) Rush Limbaugh's butt: (0)
#Limbaughzbub  Haha, you freak! Sorry your single viable sperm, Milton, died (un thawed) You crazy sucker!


Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty 

Schutt, Pfähle, Haufen, Stapel und Haufen. nichts Besonderes  
Above: Plain old everyday rubble: Mounds, piles, heaps, stacks.  Just rubble.

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Celtic Cross
 Follow me on twitter: @farrellhamannجمع الشهيرة فن الفنان كاليفورنيا، فاريل هامان، صانعة اللعب الشهيرة ، ويشمل العمل القصور والقلاع ولعب الأطفال ونوعية كبيرة متحف النحت، وأكثر من ذلك. متاح مليون دولار

Emerging Artist/Writer Farrell Hamann (larva)

Note: I'm going to start selling my flat marble toy spiral via the net very soon (hand held for kids older that 4 1/2 due to choking hazard) Don't have any made up yet but will soon. Each one will be different. Don't have pay pal so you'll have to pay by money order or silver, perhaps personal check until and if I get Paypal. Have some other ideas in the works for gifts and what nots. I'm thinking I need an inexpensive line of art and that's what's motivating me.  These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts or just to have around as sculpture.

Below: Latex mold for making spiral marble toys, I've made a number of these and they are great toys and help with hand eye. The finished marble spiral will be approximately 12 1/2 inches across. For Price, I thinking $32 shipped in USA or $55 for two. You can always arrange to pick up in person in Sacramento and see my huge art collection (giant spheres, obelisks, castles, chateau, paintings, wall hangings, large marble toys)
I decided to accept writing assignments again so let me know what your needs are.

Phone: 916-641-7696

Send the artist $1.00 and you can use any image on this site (except commercially and the Celtic Cross image)Send your dollar to:
Farrell Hamann 
1237 Dealynn St. #4
Sacramento, CA 95825